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Stable Isotopes
IT2-100.  Hydrogen and oxygen analysis of water samples by CRDS (δ2H & δ18O)  Click here
IT2-101. Oxygen analysis of water samples (δ18O)  Click here
IT2-102. Hydrogen analysis of water samples (δ2H)  Click here
IT2-103. Carbon analysis in dissolved inorganic carbon (δ 13C-DIC) for water samples  Click here
IT2-104. Carbon analysis in dissolved organic carbon (δ 13C-DOC) for water samples  Click here
IT2-105. Sulfate analysis in water samples (δ 34S & δ 18O)  Click here
IT2-106.  Nitrate analysis in water samples (δ 15N & δ 18O)  Click here
IT2-107. Chlorine analysis in water samples (δ 37Cl)  Click here
IT2-108. Bromine analysis in water samples (δ 81Br)  Click here
IT2-109. Strontium analysis in water samples (87Sr/86Sr)  Click here
IT2-110. Sulfate and sulfide analysis in solid samples (δ 34S & δ 18O)  Click here
IT2-111. Carbon and nitrogen analysis in organic solids (δ 13C & δ 15N)  Click here
IT2-112. Carbon and oxygen analysis of carbonates (δ 13C & δ 18O)  Click here
IT2-120. Tritium analysis of water samples (3H)  Contact us
IT2-121. Carbon analysis of dissolved inorganic carbon (14C) for AMS  Click here
Organic Samples

IT2-130. Carbon analysis in organic compounds (δ 13C)

 Click here