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Oil and Gas

IT2 offers a range of isotope analysis that can aid our clients in the energy sector, including applications for the oil and gas industry. IT2 can carry out analyses on a variety of sample types, important to oil and gas clients, including: rock and mineral samples, natural gases, stray gases, dissolved gases, and aqueous samples. These applications provide insight that can used to: differentiate gas types and origins, evaluate source rocks and minerals, carry out leak monitoring, and test water quality for surface- and groundwater sources.

The suite of analyses offered at IT2 are ideal for meeting the needs of those in the energy sector, and include δ13C and δ2H analysis of hydrocarbon gases. The dual isotope analysis of δ13C and δ2H can be used to determine the origin and type of natural gases, distinguishing between thermogenic and bacteriogenic gas types. Isotope analysis can also be used to determine the presence of gas leaks and trace back isotopic signatures to determine the source of the leakage.