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Stable isotope analysis is a useful tool for those in the mining industry, and IT2 offers a range of services that can aid our clients carrying out mining. Applications of stable isotope analysis specific for mining, include: evaluations of the origins and conditions of formation for rock and mineral deposits; analysis of mine drainage into receiving waters, including acid mine drainage studies; the tracing of contamination and leaks in the surrounding environment; and determinations of the extent of mineral weathering. IT2 can carry out isotope analysis on a variety of sample types, including rock and mineral samples, natural gases, stray gases, dissolved gases, and aqueous samples.

Analyses of interest offered at IT2 for the mining industry, include, δ34S analysis for sulfate and sulfide samples on both aqueous and mineral samples.  Assessments of acid mine drainage, and its impacts on surrounding water bodies, can benefit from the insights provided through the dual isotope analysis of δ34S and δ18O. These values can be used to look at the formation processes and conditions for sulfide ore deposition, assess the sources of sulfate to both marine and terrestrial environments, and examine the conditions and pathways for pyrite oxidation, which can adversely affect water quality.