Climatology 2017-07-21T15:02:19-04:00

Stable isotope analysis has been a highly impactful tool in studies of climate change, and the field of climatology. IT2 offers a range of services that can be applied to climatology and used for: climatic reconstructions, assessments of the global water budget, studies of past and present ocean temperatures and levels, and the creation of models and projections for many atmospheric gases. Using stable isotope fingerprinting, these climatic reconstructions can be carried out on a variety of time scales in order to: assess past global climate variability, to test current climate models using our knowledge of historical climate conditions, and to improve our ability to make accurate predictions for the future.

Examples of analyses offered at IT2, that can be utilized in the field of climatology, include: 18O and 2H analysis of aqueous samples, 13C and 18O of solid carbonate samples, and 13C and 14C analysis for dissolved inorganic and organic carbon in aqueous samples. Other analyses of interest for those working in the field of climatology, offered at IT2, can be viewed on our analytical service list.